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Add a touch of color in your hospitality uniforms

Galworker presents in his last catalogue a great variety of designs, fabrics and color into his Horeca range, articles for the professionals of the hospitality sector; cooks, chefs, maîtres, sommeliers, waiters, kitchen helpers…

"Boring aprons, kitchen jackets, chef hats in neutral colors are ended. Welcome to the mauve, pistachio, turquoise and several tonalities which have been included in the new horeca line with a great.

The  same as we have been done in others  products lines, Galworker I+d department has improved  the advantages and characteristics of garments and uniforms for this sector, trying to give an  answer to  the sector needs. Moreover the aesthetic point of view which gives a touch of color through the use of resistant row materials, has improved the durability of the garments for a continuous use for these professionals requierments.

Of course, without forget, the finishing and coating, as the Teflon, for the aprons, with property of repel the liquids for being always impeccable 

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