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An important point for keeping hygiene and security for food products sectors is the workwear for the employers and staff who work in the sector.
These garments are designed for avoiding any pollution in the products. Galworker has designed a variety of workwear items for the food products industry and for all the companies who make any kind of handling of food, transformation, preserved food industry and packing of food for humans or animals.
Produced by high quality sarga fabrics, these workwear has a designs with all the basic recommendations for the sector , for instance , not having buttons or pockets for avoiding food wastes during de process of production.
Additionally , a Teflon covering , makes difference from other products in the market, due to it gives a special characteristic in the workwear, for example , repels liquids  and stain resistant .The high protection that gives to the workwear and thanks to the innovation from Galworker , this items has more resistant