Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

In Galworker believe in corporate social Responsibility starting up initiative of working immersion for   people in risk of social exclusion.

We cooperate with ONG for the integration of handicapped.

We established environmental conservation policies, as the non-use of chemical compound forbidden in European textil standards.

We are proud of our cooperation in the community where we are located, and specially in our last project.

Ket Doan Time, in which our team in our factory in Vietnam together  with our customers and suppliers, invest their time and money for helping the great number of unlucky people who lives in our area and  have difficult in their daily life.

More than 500 families in our community suffer calamity as consequence of war.

We also have training programs for handicapped; we offer usual classes for teaching seam technics.

Our philosophy is thinking in the works that handicapped can do, not thinking in what is forbidden for them, so they could have a chance for having a establish and qualified work.