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Galworker adds interior lining in a great variety of his High Visibility products

Galworker Cold workwear for winning the battle of winter

Galworker, Company from Alicante is specialist in Workwear, and always surprise us, now with the launching of his new range of High Visibility workwear, AKRA, adapted to the lasts requirements of UNE EN 20471, has added a great variety of items with a polar lining for increasing the resistance of low temperatures.

“In our brochure you could find trousers, jackets and other pieces with the distinctive of COLD. These products has been fabricated with a interior lining, that’s gives them an extra protection against cold ambiences” explained Antonio Galvez, Galworker CEO .

The fabric of the interior lining is made in polyester /cotton or only polyester, depending on the items.

This is not the only update that adds Galworker in his great offer, due to, into the new ranges of High visibility, you could find polar fleece and rain suits perfectly adapted to the UE standards.

“Our goal is to give a right answer to the professional’s needs and our customer’s needs” said Mr. Galvez

Galworker, through his R&D department, develops a new line of products, improving their advantages and characteristics based on the sector which they are directed (HV, industry and services, hotel industry, cleaning industry, sanitary industry.. )
Galworker is one of the few Spanish producers in workwear that has ISO 9001 standard in quality and design that’s guaranty their productive process. Their products standards has been tested and approved by AITEX (Technology textil institute) , that generate trust and distinguish them from other brands in the market. 
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