In Galworker design and produce Work wear.
We offer a global service for every company in order to supply uniforms and workwear, from the analysisof their needs, to the design and manufacture,keeping security stock, orders picking, door to door and after-sales services …
We guarantee quality and service in all products as a result of our Spanish Know –How, European design anda total control of manufacture process in our production plants in Asia.
We suggest a large range of fabrics and items, produced with high technology, strict quality and standard controls, EuropeanStandard or other countries standards, as well as quality protection and safety for all sectors.
We beat on constant  improvement in technology and enlargement of our factories in China and Vietnam,  that’s allow us  optimized assembly line production with any kind of fabric as customers requierments, as anti-bacteria, nti-stain, anti-static, light weight, humidity control, double sewing, reflexite, UV protection, liquids repellent, flame retard...
Galworker become aware, since the beginning, of corporatesocial responsibility for guaranteeright work conditions for all our employees/workers not only in Spain, especially in our factories in Asia
Our company has ISO 9001:2008 standard for guarantee not only quality, also our production process.