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This summer don’t lower your guard

With this slogan and following the DGT style, Galworker drive his new campaign of raising awareness for preventing labor risk after the 5% increase in work accidents during 2014.

It has broken down the downward trend of the last years and now began a time, summertime, where it  increases the risk of accidents” stress Antonio Gálvez, Galworker CEO.

Several actions could be start up for decreasing this accident rate and in more actions wearing the appropriated workwear for the job done, it’s a very important measure.

In this sense Galworker focus this attention in the High Visibility workwear (HV) which it’s useful for a worker who can be detected over risk conditions, over any kind of daylight and over the headlamps lights in movement in the darkness. Their design improve visibility through the contrast of the fabrics.

Galworker, always at the vanguard in the workwear, through his I+d and design department, has developed AKRA, a new line of high visibility, became in one of few producers worldwide who is under the new standards of maximum personal protection as UNE 20471.

 “This new workwear line joins to the currents as Street worker, Europa Street, Out worker and City worker and collect a great variety of innovations, sizes, colors and items as jackets, polar fleece, trousers, vests, polos, parkas..” explained Antonio Galvez, Galworker CEO. Galworker has more than 150.000 unites already produced and distributed worldwide.

Galworker mix  perfectly, the Spanish know-how and the European design complement  with he total control of productive process in their own plants in China and Vietnam , that’s allow them offer an exclusive high quality standards and  high designs products very competitive , of course, without forgetting  the add value of the customer support.

“Our extensive experience in fabrication and distribution of workwear contribute to offer, not only new items, also an exclusive service, for covering our customer’s needs. As manufactures, Galworker has a continuous stock that allow us give  a quickly answer  to our customers’ demands “stress Gálvez .